Can I take the Teacher Training even if I don't want to teach?

The Deepen Your Practice stream is a great option for those who wish to attend the Moksha/Modo Level-1 Teacher Training to dive further into their personal practice without the intention to teach. Completion of the 300-hour YTT intensive portion ends the full Deepen Your Practice requirements; continuation through the 200-hour Distance Learning Program to complete the full 500-hour Level-1 is not part of the Deepen Your Practice stream.

A Deepen Your Practice certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the intensive. While this certificate indicates your completion of the 300-hour training, it will expire one year from the training start date.

The cost of the Deepen Your Practice stream is $4000 CAN (a $500 discount).

If you complete the Deepen Your Practice certification and decide at a future date to pursue teaching, you are able to do so providing you take the following steps:

  • receive studio owner recommendation and support
  • pay the tuition difference ($500)
    • if it’s been three years from the start date of your training, an additional $250 fee will apply.

See here for more information on the Distance Learning Program.


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